Physical activity aiming to build or maintain balanced physical abilities

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Improving muscle tone


Work on certain parts of your body (or your entire body ) where you want to improve

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Weight loss

Optimally couples cardiovascular workout and strength workout work so as to decrease fat and build muscle. 

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Stretching & relaxation Trainig


Regularly performing different types of stretching helps


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Improving posture pilates

Developing a good posture will improve well-being and help avoid painful or medical conditions

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Special 3rd age / Senior Program

Taking part in sport or having a physical activity counters the risks associated with aging and a sedentary lifestyle

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Improving endurance performances

Objective :

Half Marathon, running, cycling, mountain biking , swimming, hiking, Mountaineering-Optimize cardiovascular performance

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Swimming lessons

Apprentissage de la natation, Marion Coach apprend à un enfant une leçon de nage


Knowing how to swim is a life-saver !


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